26 - Straight

Oregon, United States

Sep 21, 2023 12:03

I am a person πŸ‘« who is positive about every aspect of life There are many things I like to do see, and experience. I like to read, I liketo write I like to think

πŸ€” I like to dream I like to talk πŸ’¬ I like to listen πŸ‘‚ I like to see. the sunrise πŸŒ… in the morning 🌞 I like to see the moonlight at night

🌚 I like to feel the music 🎢 flowing on my face 😍 and I like to smell πŸ‘ƒ the wind πŸ’¨ coming from the ocean like to look at the clouds πŸ’­

in the atmosphere with a blank mind I like to do thought experiments when I cannot sleep 🌝 in the middle of the night 😴 I like flowers 🌺 in spring 🌸 rain πŸŒ‚ in summer 😎 πŸ‚ departs in autumn and snow 🎿 in winter

❄️ I like to sleep 🌚 early, I like to get up late I like to be alone and I like to be surrounded by people. I like the country’s peace, I like the metropolis noise πŸ”Š I like the beautiful west lake and I like delicious food πŸŽ‚ and

comfortable shoes πŸ‘  I like good books πŸ“š and romantic movies 🎬 I like the land and nature, I like people πŸ‘« And, I like to laugh

I always wanted to be a great writer like

Victor Hugo who wrote Les Miserable and Roman Roland who wrote John Christopher influenced millions of people through their books. I also wanted to be a great

psychologist like William James or Sigmund Freud, who could read people’s minds, Of course, I am nowhere close to these πŸ‘« people yet I am just someone who does some teaching to children, I always attend some research and some writing But my dream is still alive

This is a brief introduction of myself. If you are interested in knowing more, look at my pictures. Do not expect too much and keep your sense of humor

Thank you