41 - Straight

Sidi ifni, Morocco

Sep 26, 2023 23:47

If I told you my true story, I don't know whether you would believe me or not, but I swear to God that I am honest and I will tell you the truth.I am really a diamond man and I am very rare in this world.i don't say that to glorification or pride in myself, but it is a truth. I am a man and I am now 41 years old who has never been married, I have never been in a romantic relationship with any girl. I have never practiced adultery and s*x with any prostitute or any female in my life.I do not need s*x except in marriage and I do not want to have s*x in another relationship without marriage.It is better and I prefer to stay a single, virginal and chaste man. I am a man who does not smoke any kind of cigarettes, I do not smoke any kind of drugs, and I do not drink any kind of liquor or wine.I am very happy like this and I am in good health. I am not an infallible angel and I am not perfect, but I am a human being who has many flaws and shortcomings like other people. ILove fruits and fish. My hobbies include: (cooking, reading, traveling, sports). Especially delicious Moroccan cooking classified globally, especially cooking delicious fish tagine 😋