40 - Straight

Pennsylvania, United States

Apr 10, 2024 06:57

Single, Marriage Minded and Marriage Ready, Demi and Sapios3xual, Nerdy, Gamer, Otaku, Geeky, Cosplayer, Crazy*, Introvert, INFJ, creative, textrovert, Virgo 4 Marriage. Wants serious, long term, monogamous relationship with the goal of marriage. My LOVE LANGUAGE is Words of Affirmation. Therefore, one will win my heart with WORDS, NOT touch. Age is not an issue. Race is not an issue. Willing to relocate all in the name of LOVE. I don't really check here so I won't see your interest/message here to get back to you here but you are welcome to find me elsewhere. I also accept friend requests in other places rather than here. -Virgo4Marriage

*More like will be your needy/clingy/obsessed with u, big tiddy gf. Guys view the clingy part as "crazy." Sorry if I'm all about YOU and no one else. I'm the type that will get moody if a guy I'm dating doesn't text me all day.

If you're a TALKER (so tried of silent "good listeners" where I'm basically talking to myself), expressive, can volley with conversation and it's not just one sided, if you use full sentences when texting, punctuation and aren't vague or use one liners, we will get along great.

I'm not about games. I want to grow old with someone, live with them, have kids, go to cons together, cosplay together, have game nights and a whole bunch of stuff. I don't do casual, fwb, and all that "fun" stuff that is a WASTE OF TIME. I also don't smoke anything, drink, or anything like that.

If interested, like I said above, find elsewhere because I'm not on here much and won't get back to you here. -Virgo4Marriage

Updated: 5/2023