43 - Straight

Cologne, Germany

Jan 20, 2021 01:55

Im an very open minded guy from an village near Cologne Germany and looking for nice new friendship that can grow maybe into what im generally intrested inl long-term relationship with an older curvy lady,who act younger but with the knowledge of an older woman,would love a woman who is not stopid and open the real life whats not in the fake mainstreammedia now telling again lies about trump when i can profe the capitol storm in front was all antifa and unknoen movie actress,we had same in germany some month ago a fake storm on german reichstag,where they fake a Qanon storm same with only new things like this time when all antifa wear complete new trump caps and so on. Im German patriot not nazi. For me every human is worth same,im anti violence and i fight for the children and ladys with show the people the truth about the elite between pizzagate i can prove as fact and eppstein island was temple of moloch pedovors what means rape and eat children for adrenochrome. i work since many years with my political researches what is a hobby since saw what merkel do to germany as trained rothschild askenazi hate germany chancelor. Everything i say i can prove and interested people can cheeck my yt page i can send then. Back to dating the age thing, Thats not a must because age generally is more just a number for me. Im a positive thinkin music makin techno house edm trance lovin and mixin fan. Extrem good and wild dancer in a stylke like the shuifel dancer but with many own steps i learned since i started 1995 with go to partys in germany .
Im actually looking for someone who be the reason for breakin the social distancing rules at first just like 2 find someone for a nice chat to know each other more as said before. Im a always good mod makin person try to spent everyone a smile around me so i also only play positive tracks in my webradio edm shows . I love the most makin House classics show i also streamed around a year at an london houseradio called housefreaks actually just do love regulary play shows on my own lil webstream here in germany. I have worldwide music friends all totally positive people without any hate to other artist sending. I believe in you grow faster and in skill when you be like a big family i believe much in karma you get what you give so i usually try do much for musicfriends and alsos try to inform about things like poliitics answers to make conspiracytheories to prove to be conspiracyfacts....especially since this plandemic i collected and knowledge grown endless things around everything what are lies and what not ... im antimask because it kills your imunsystem and dont help to avoid covid