71 - Straight

Northumberland, United Kingdom

Jan 25, 2021 18:43

Laid-back retired guy, who is divorced - no family. Into the Arts as opposed to sports. Likes mainly classical music but also some jazz, folk and r & b, plus 70s folk-rock. Enjoys films of various sorts esp. pre-60s film noir, b & w, action, gentle walking in the country, exploring historical sites, unspoilt pubs, good food and drink. Reading various books has become more frequent esp. during lockdown
I am a good listener, loyal, tolerant, honest and do not cheat on anyone, believing in ''being-done- as-you-would be -done by'' .Tend to be more relaxed in compatible company, when I can relax and converse more easily. Dislike crowds and loud people / situations, preferring small groups to being with superficial people. However, have a sense of humour and am no ''stuffed shirt''.
The perfect partner (or whoever) is yet to be found, even though this may take a life time for some.(!)
NB. Although I am solvent and have enough to live on, I am not financially- wealthy, living an adequate lifestyle that isn't lavish, so with me you potentially get what you see in all honesty.