69 - Straight

Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Sep 24, 2020 18:57

Hello ladies and other gentlefolk. My name is Antony, or Tony; I don't mind which. Blimey, what to say? I like eating out, cinema, live rock and blues bands, the usual stuff; though I also enjoy many of the classics and some opera too. Yup, I guess I have eclectic tastes. I'm not keen on modern art, preferring painters who have a modicum of talent. I like pub grub too, though I'm not a drinker driver. One long larger will suffice, maybe two if the meal is good. However, I'm not keen on curry, sorry folks, I know I am a rarity.

I've been alone for eight years, and I feel very lonely at home, so I ride a bike round the country roads and bridle paths, and, I always see something new. I like visiting medieval churches, the older the better. I live in Warwick, on the boarder of Leamington Spar. I don't mind travelling to meet someone, as long as they are genuine. If you go to qrz dot etc, and type in g6ypk, you will see pictures of my travels around Europe. I must have driven well over 2500Km. Rome is my very favourite city, then Barcelona. I always take my own car everywhere, as hire vehicles have too many restrictions on mileage and brings penalties. So, if you like going abroad, then here I am.

Finally: I have been the victim of an attempted 'scammer', called 'Aliiya'. I can smell a scammer from 5000km so don't even attempt.