60 - Straight

Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Dec 2, 2020 11:39

Hello ladies. My name is Antony, or Tony; I don't mind which. Blimey, what to say? I like eating out, cinema, live rock and blues bands, the usual stuff; though I also enjoy many of the classics and some opera too. Yup, I guess I have eclectic tastes. I'm not keen on modern art, preferring painters who have a modicum of talent. I like pub grub too, though I'm not a drinker driver. One long larger will suffice, maybe two if the meal is good. However, I'm not keen on curry, sorry folks, I know I am a rarity.

I've been alone for a couple of years, but l'm not very lonely at home, so I ride a bike round the country roads and bridle paths, and, I always see something new. I like visiting medieval churches, the older the better. I live in Warwick, on the boarder of Leamington Spar. I don't mind travelling to meet someone, as long as they are genuine. Driving round through Europe is a nice summer past-time too. I must have driven well over 2500Km last year alone, before 'lockdown'. Rome is my very favourite city, then Barcelona. I always take my own car everywhere, as hire vehicles have too many restrictions on mileage and brings penalties. So, if you like going abroad, then here I am. My email is y/a/e/s/u/1 At y/a/h/o/o/.c/o/.u/k and 0/7/7/4/1/4/0/5/05/8