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52 - Straight

Maharashtra Mumbia, India

Oct 28, 2015 12:46

I was born in Maldrid Uk, I am a London resident and will apply for my citizenship in a month or two, work as an Engineer and have my own business(small). I love nature, photography, jogging, meeting people, I talk to everyone and try to learn anything from everyone. I love my own space and respect others space as well.

I am very easy going, like to be casual but I am very formal if needed, I like to talk and learn from everyone, I like outdoors, photography easy listening music rock, I like reading, investigating, discussing with the only purpose to learn, I prefer not to argue, I am very respectful in every way and expect the same.

Open minded person that would like to know people, places and new ways of living, someone that has her identity well defined with character and that is open to discuss differences with an open mind, someone that likes to outdoors, to walk, to read, music, museums, theatre, concerts, meeting people, social and very respectful.