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64 - Straight

Bribie island ,Queensland. , Australia

Jul 27, 2015 22:32

Haven't done this before, so ear goes,i manage my life in the simplest ways , I don't confuse things at all, I am a straight forward fellow, black is black, white is white , i don't drink or smoke, or do drugs, volantry gave it all away 5 years ago, want to be straight for the rest of my time on this planet, and am enjoying it big time.l like going camping fishing, would really like someone to share that with,I haven't had a relationship for 5 years now have spent it tidying up all loose ends , l dont own much, but i dont owe anybody a cent, still work when I need to, i am a wall & floor tiler , bricklayer and drive heavy vehicles some times.l wold prefer to meet Asian women or woman that are just happy to be happy, well ive got plenty more stuff i could ramble on with, so I will leave it at that.