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50 - Straight

Tamil Nadu, India

Jun 5, 2018 07:05

I live a full life and consider myself as a cheerful optimistic man. I love life and appreciate every minute of it. I love my friends and value each person that surrounds me. I try to look at everything with optimism. Also love children and feel free I every company cause can find common language with everybody. I am kind, hardworking, and active person. I am very responsive person and I believe that kind deeds change s to the better life. I have family values and if you think the same way so you found me. A lady I am looking for must be reliable and serious. I am dreaming of friendly and loving family. Of cozy home where your special one is always waiting for you. I am willing to run home and know that I will find there strong but tender hands which will always comfort me. Support me and never let me down. I would like to see you as a kind-hearted with good sense of humor, responsible. I know that there are no ideal people in the world but if the person is my match. I will love him just the way she is, without changing anything.



Age: 46 / bi

Tamil Nadu


Age: 31 / straight

Tamil Nadu