38 - Straight

Sofia, Bulgaria

Jul 12, 2017 20:17

My philosophy of life is based on a mixture of Islamic Sufism, Taoism, Buddhism.

I have an open mind, I want to chat with the same woman like me, rather, I'm a very bad person.

If you have the opportunity to travel, you will be able to get to know me better. And who knows?..

Can be to me soon the guests come from other countries, I'm waiting!

I'm looking for a beautiful girl, but smart, rich, but well-mannered, with big t*ts and ass, but with a big heart.

I am not interested marriage without mutual love.

Conservative women and girls, traditionalists minded, boring the widow's dull and gloomy character, do not understand jokes, the easy money seekers can't give me free time.

Are there faithful and trustworthy in marriage? No, faithful and trustworthy in marital relationships are a fiction and a fairy tale for children, faithful and trustworthy are fake. Libido is the most powerful force in humans.

People have two features: to multiply and to preserve the relationship, but again to reproduce if the old partner is bad.

Will write me if I interest for you. If you're a boring person or passive, it makes no sense to write me.

I have traveled a lot with friends. I have not yet arrived in the country where you want to live, maybe it's Germany.

The most important thing in my life is spirituality. If you are a unspiritual person, there is no reason to start a conversation with me.

Love lights up with sparks to become a fire.

Another option for communication if I'm not online. Add me in Facebook:

Or you can write me a message in Skype or call WeChat, or

I - initiated into Tantra, learn the secret texts and manuscripts. Tantra and yoga are my main passions.

I do not discriminate against and do not divide women by age, race or religion.

Meeting, chat, talk, fun, happiness, love and lots of love, tantric s*x... and maybe more?

I'm a single man, very cheerful and charismatic person. I'm looking for women communication and serious relationship.

My life is a solid series the X-files.

For me very important inner world of women. As I have been esoteric it is very important that she did not smoke and never used drugs.

I love: to travel, to cook, interesting and funny people. I'm looking for a woman with similar interests.

The main thing is to be joyful and happy, everything else comes and goes. Remains only good and experience. The joy and happiness we need to educate ourselves and to give to the people around as much as they can take it.

If you can love, just love, without the desire to receive love in return, if pleasing others is not expect that will win a prize in response. I think so.

I don't believe that religion of any kind is the salvation or help for the person. I'm an atheist and don't believe in God. This is a big problem in your life, because I know that God is not and was not and the Holy Bible is lying. Religion is for stupid, dependent and slaves. Rather, religion is a social institution to disabled people, people with complex and unresolved internal conflicts might live in peace and harmony with others.

Loneliness is not terrible, the lone samurai continues on his way.

"Hey!", I say if you are interesting to me.

"How are you?" The standard question to start communication.

But if I make you compliments, it means I really like you and I am ready to continue with you a serious conversation.

"This is a time of love, like a warm autumn
The tart smell of the leaves, the sky, the bright sadness
"How is life to you?" — if anyone asks,
Do not say anything, only slightly smile.

Quiet love is more caring,
Eyes to grasp at a glance to understand.
Because love — oddly enough, a lot of work
If you value her and do not want to lose.

From the fire of your passion, only smoke came
Heart little hope he brought.
To meet you, I diligently tried
But time was not of happiness is fruitless my heat!

Do not pray for love, hopelessly loving,
Do not go under the window in the wrong, grieving.
Like the poor dervishes, whether in the independent —
Maybe then will love you."

"Primordial everything else — is love,
In songs of youth, the first word is love.
Oh, ignorant of the world of love unfortunate,
Know that our whole life Foundation — is love!"

(c) Omar Khayam

"People are born blind and die blind, so that's okay.

It seems that the Jews still believe in God, in spite of AIDS, genocide, racism. Oh, this is so weird and scary!"