72 - Straight

Bucharest, Romania

Sep 14, 2019 15:58

„Too proud to fight” - Wilson's words remember we seek for a fit consistency not for happiness. I keep clear of lies, thus not risking a heart's malady. Arab zodiac predicts: a reasonless rebel, cuts a perfect sorry figure. I accept I'm 1 expert in losing. I'm a non-energetic face because of hypotension. Other incurable affliction: incorrigible optimism. Priorities: health; socializing; decent look. I have a good hereditary endowment and the illusion of discernment. I don't know: to make up; to keep & buoy up my friends. I admit I have an 'enfant terrible' behavior in spite of age (Gertrude Stein solaces me: We are always the same age inside). Priorities: health, socializing, decent look. Stress factors, my hierarchy: no funds; to stay indoor more 2 days, detention neurosis; to give me advices; to justify my ideas & acts; my repeated verbal & behavior gaffes; disease. Why I self confidence: an excellent reaction to touch carriage - 2 easy breakdowns; walls - a femur's comminutive fracture, a labor accident in a chemical plant and I regret never for polytechnic option (after 10 years I found a fit name of that event - a 'life bonus' since I have a prosthetic leg and claudication, Polio); water - involuntary immersion in salty lake Amara. I am looking for a tolerant bridge partner since i play like a socializing care.