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77 - Straight

Perak, Malaysia

Dec 13, 2016 09:17

why am I doing this? I ask myself.
The truth is, I don't know.

I live at the fringe of the jungle with the monkeys, wild boars, snakes and other inhabitants who were there before me. In the night the crickets and frogs sing to me and the fireflies sparkle like so many stars.
Loneliness? No!
I can drive to town to meet friends or troll the mall or drop into a watering hole. And if I get frisky - at 71? - I can even go into a spar where they give more than massages.
So it's not the company - intellectual or physical - that I crave. After all I chose to get away from the madding crowd. Often, I am my own best company, but even then, I get bored with myself; but not as bored as I am with some people.
So what is it I am looking for?

If you know, do write and tell me.

I am an old bugger of 71 who thinks he is 17 - until my body tells me I am not.
My heart is young but I can't guarantee about the rest of me.
I have travelled the world (except South America) and lived in several countries but I think there's a few miles left in this old banger.