60 - Straight

Skye, Victoria, Australia

Nov 21, 2014 02:12

I am looking for someone who will eventually be my partner and soul mate.

I describe my self as a techie type,I have a warped sense of humour which comes from working with idiots, which I don’t think is a bad thing as I keep my sanity; I enjoy the outdoors, a bit of gardening,and getting out in my boat in the bay for a spot of fishing.
Also I have been told that I’m a gentleman and hopeless romantic, however I have also been called hopeless at lots of other things, as well as some other poor cruel descriptors.
Don’t get me wrong here; I am man enough to admit that I am quite capable and more than willing to operate an iron, vacuum cleaner and all those other domestic appliances. I know what the clothes line was invented for and how to make use of it, I know my place in the selection of television programs and romantic movies when sitting on the couch or at the movies, I am quite happy with that, I have two sacred days only that I spend in front of the television.
I do not mind if you don’t like to cook, I enjoy that to the point I am quite prepared to cook dinner every night. I have learnt not to question shoe quantities, getting ready to go out preparation time, time that is required to select a simple matter of clothing or the amount of personal electrical appliances required to be kept in the vanity unit. I respect these things and realise that questioning any of these may result in injury or restrictions upon my person to other pleasurable pursuits, or both.
I enjoy my job, I am lucky I am still working in the same field as I started when I was fifteen, the technology has changed and keeping up with it is sometimes a challenge which I enjoy.

I follow the AFL, V8 Supercars, and the occasional Sunday stroll around antique shops particularly the packing shed in Tyabb with brunch thrown in, as well as the shopping centre in pursuit of my partner’s new outfit and shoes to suit.

Hen pecked no, respectful of my partner.

I’m only open to a meaningful, honest and exclusive relationship with a like minded person. I realise it’s difficult to get to know someone by just a few photo’s and a couple of paragraphs, but please message me if my sarcasm doesn’t offend, and maybe you got a bit of a smile reading this.